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Bhumi Thakkar, Financial Adviser

Bhumi is - in a nutshell - driven by helping people; by playing her role in serving the community.

With a Diploma in Business Management - Finance, Bhumi began her career in the administration team of an Auckland based insurance advice firm. In that role, supporting advisers with their clients' needs, Bhumi saw firsthand the meaningful impact of quality insurance advice, and set her sights on becoming an adviser. From that point, Bhumi spent the next three years building her knowledge across all aspects of personal insurance, and in 2018 achieved her goal.

“I love meeting families and hearing their life stories; it is a privilege to help my clients make informed decisions about how to protect what matters most to them. Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution: being able to help people identify their risks and insurance priorities and then tailoring advice to meet those very personal needs, is where I thrive. Because ultimately, it's all about getting to know my clients and how I can help."

And if you ever need a gardening or horticulture tip from a real green thumb, give Bhumi a bell. Growing veggies and nurturing her impressive array of more than 30 indoor plants has a been a real passion for Bhumi over the years. “I have a real passion and love for nature - I love learning about horticulture and get a lot of enjoyment out of growing my little oasis.”

"Insurance plays a crucial role in securing financial security. As a financial adviser, it’s a real privilege to help Kiwis protect themselves and their family."