Helen Dalzell, Financial Adviser

Life is a journey, and like most journeys, a bit of forward thinking and preparation can make all the difference. With her vast professional and personal experience, Helen loves helping clients prepare for the potential curveballs that life
may throw their way.

Having worked in the insurance sector for over three decades in a wide range of roles, Helen has added several tools to her toolbox over the years. All the while, her own
life’s path has taken many a twist and turn – making Helen an even more passionate advocate for the transformative power of insurance advice.

“The reality is, none of us know what life will bring, so protecting our families is crucial. Having experienced firsthand significant health issues with a child, I fully understand the benefit of having fit and proper insurance in place, both for now and for the future,” Helen says.

In her spare time, Helen loves taking in the beauty of her natural surroundings, be that while exploring a rugged beach or quietly strolling across a local park.

"Insurance advice is invaluable. There’s nothing quite like helping people, be that families or business owners, protect their financial future from the unexpected."