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Family Income Protection

Give the gift of protection

Family - they're the ones we come home to in the evening, the ones we make holiday memories with; they love us and frustrate us - and enrich our lives in every way. The most important gift you can give your family is the peace of mind, that should anything happen to you, they don't just have your memory, they have your ongoing protection.

At Advice4Life, we can help you establish a family income protection plan. This provides a regular monthly income for those who depend on you, should you die or become temporarily or permanently disabled because of accident or illness. Whether you need short or long-term assistance, we can advise you on how best to provide for a mix of lump sum payments to pay debts while guaranteeing ongoing income for family expenses.

Protect your loved ones with a family income protection plan.

Working for your protection

At Advice4Life, we have chosen to work with the best providers in the industry to plan for the protection you need. 

From life, medical and general insurance to home loans and Kiwisaver, we can ensure you get the right advice for life.