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Permanent Income Protection

Protect your earnings

Your ability to earn shouldn't be underestimated. That's how you provide a regular income for you and your family. But what if your ability to earn is taken away from you, through sickness or an accident? Will your family be financially secure? Will your assets be protected?

Income protection provides a regular income if you're unable to work in your job because of sickness or an accident. Over a year, the monthly benefits will amount to 75% of your gross annual income.

We don't ever want to think the worst, but we must prepare for it in order to ensure you, and those who depend on you, are protected should the worst happen.

Give your loved ones peace of mind. Talk to one of our Advice4Life advisers today about our income protection solutions and how to incorporate permanent income loss into your protection plan.

Working for your protection

At Advice4Life, we have chosen to work with the best providers in the industry to plan for the protection you need. 

From life, medical and general insurance to home loans and Kiwisaver, we can ensure you get the right advice for life.