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Your trusted financial advisers


We help you plan your insurance so you can be prepared for every stage of life.


We protect you now and in the future. At Advice4Life, your insurance plan grows with you.


Our team are here to manage your insurance, whatever stage of life you may be at.


Now and in the future, an Advice4Life insurance plan protects you every step of the way.

Insurance advice,
for every stage of life

From starting your family to establishing your business, building your first home to moving into retirement, at Advice4Life, our team of trusted insurance advisers will work with you to ensure you, your assets and loved ones are planned for and protected at every stage of life.

Take the guesswork out of insurance

Life! It’s fun, exciting, hard at times, and we’ve only got one, so we want to make the most of it. At Advice4Life, our trusted insurance advisers can help you plan your insurance to fit your life – and your lifestyle.

Working across a range of insurance areas, the Advice4Life team can provide you with insurance advice and a solution that meets your needs and budget, whatever stage of life you’re at.

Our advisers work across New Zealand and specialise in all areas of risk insurance, from complex business scenarios and group schemes to personal covers and rural risks. 

With our 50-plus years of combined experience, you’re guaranteed professional, thorough and hassle-free insurance advice... for life. Let’s make the most of it!

What our clients have to say

“Grae negotiated trauma insurance for me which has been an absolute blessing after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. He helped us through the claims process which allowed us peace of mind and the ability to make better decisions in a difficult time.”

Stephen and Jacqui - Waipawa

“Bhumi was very polite, understanding and knows what her clients' desire is. She advised me thoroughly in regards to insurance. I’m very happy with the advice and the knowledge she shared with me in regards to insurance and my policies.” 

Rushita - Christchurch

“We needed urgent pre-approval for my husband's surgery and post-op care. Clinton was amazing and took control of everything. He went over and above, speaking to the claims management staff to expedite the process for us.” 

Nicole - Auckland

“My insurance review was long overdue, I'd been putting it off as it was too daunting and hard. David made it an easy, thoughtful and reassuring process. He asked insightful questions to ensure what I wanted/needed was aligned with my actual needs. He was professional, customer focused, warm and knowledgeable.” 

Marie - Auckland

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