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At Advice4Life, we get to know our clients first. This approach ensures you, our clients, receive the insurance plan that best suits you, now and in the future. Whatever stage of life you're at, our team of trusted advisers can help you plan the protection you need. We look forward to helping you.


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Alison Hadfield

Financial Adviser

An insurance specialist and risk management adviser, Alison takes the time to understand her clients before preparing a managed protection plan that ensures cover at every stage of life. 

  0272 666 806

Clinton Whelan

Financial Adviser

Clinton takes an innovative approach to insurance, consistently thinking outside the box to deliver reliable and affordable protection plans for his clients. Much of his thinking is done on the golf course!

  021 616 855

Debbie Stacey

Financial Adviser

Taking a 360-degree view of how different personal insurance policies can work, I can give you the best options for cover, at a price that works for your family budget.

  021 779 777

Francesca White

Financial Adviser

Passionate about risk management and providing trusted insurance advice, Francesca works collaboratively with her clients to enable them to plan, manage and protect their insurance needs.

  021 205 2341

Helen Dalzell

Financial Adviser

Working closely with clients and getting a thorough understanding of their personal and business needs and situation, is Helen's approach to ensuring she prepares plans that protect.

  021 765 496

Kiran Kumar

Financial Adviser

A registered financial advisor with more than 12 years' experience in the NZ banking industry, Kiran advises his clients on financial solutions and protection plans for their unique situation.

  021 206 9307


Carl Drummond

Financial Adviser l  Managing Director

Carl has over 15 years' experience in financial services, working with some of Australasia's largest insurers. He is dedicated to ensuring Advice4Life clients are protected at every stage of life.

  021 422 736

Kyle Lewis

Financial Adviser

Kyle is passionate about helping his clients gain a better understanding of their financial position and how they can both grow and support their wealth through tailored protection plans. 

  027 346 6964


Chris Bell

Financial Advisor

  022 413 9433

Grae Gillespie

Financial Adviser

Grae's insight into the self-employed and business owners enables him to provide long-term protection and insurance plans, tailored to his clients' unique circumstances.

  027 650 4518

Nicola Gibb

Financial Advisor

With extensive experience in the financial services industry, Nicola's expertise in personal banking, wealth management and insurance advice gives her a 360-degree understanding of clients' financial needs.

  021 223 3005


Watch this space

Watch this space

Edward Isaacs

Financial Adviser

Ed has been an adviser in the Wellington/Nelson region for the last 28 years and has successfully partnered with the likes of Grant Thornton (an auditing firm) and Findex/Crowe Horwarth. Ed specialises in business insurance, buy and sells, key person and group schemes, and has an absolute wealth of knowledge. He’s also a keen cricketer and tennis player. 

  021 937 936


Bhumi Thakkar

Financial Adviser

Bhumi's experience in all aspects of business, from marketing and sales, to customer services and project management, enables her to tailor protection plans for business clients.

  022 034 8164

Parth Gadhavi

Financial Advisor

Parth’s own life experiences have taught him the value of good advice at the right time. As an Advice4Life financial advisor, Parth is committed to ensuring his clients receive the advice they need.

  022 344 2679

Grace Downs

Financial Adviser

Grace works closely with her clients to help them understand product and policies. Knowing the benefit of having insurance in times of need, Grace ensures her clients are well protected, 

  027 652 4334

Rah Azimi

Financial Advisor

Rah is passionate about educating his clients on the unexpected risks that can impact their family’s financial security and providing them with all-important peace of mind in their daily lives.

  022 344 2679

Martin Keane

Financial Adviser

An established financial services professional, Martin's experience in business development, sales, and financial advice, enables him to provide protection plans for commercial clients. 

  022 108 3931

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