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Meet our team of trusted advisers

At Advice4Life, we get to know our clients first. This approach ensures you, our clients, receive the insurance plan that best suits you, now and in the future. Whatever stage of life you're at, our team of trusted advisers can help you plan the protection you need. We look forward to helping you.


Clinton Whelan

Financial Adviser

View Clinton's profile here.

 021 616 855

Fay Glover

Fire and General Adviser | Client Support

  0508 44 00 44

Bhumi Thakkar

Financial Adviser

View Bhumi's profile here.

  022 034 8164

Katie Williamson

Financial Adviser

View Katie's profile coming soon

 021 273 6968

Tiaan Gouws

Financial Adviser

View Tiaan's profile here

 021 0872 1208

Abby Isherwood

Financial Adviser

View Abby's profile here

 021 277 4742

Bryce Wilson

Financial Adviser

View Bryce's profile here

 021 211 4957


Carl Drummond

Financial Adviser l  Managing Director

View Carl's profile here.

  021 422 736

Holly Spiers

Financial Adviser | Client Servicing Team Leader

View Holly's profile here.

  027 323 2451

Fiona Graham

Financial Adviser

View Fiona's profile here.

  021 286 1546


Grae Gillespie

Financial Adviser

View Grae's full profile here.

  027 650 4518

Hayden Lind

Mortgage Adviser

View Hayden's profile here

 021 244 0833

Paul Jack

Financial Adviser

View Paul's profile here.

 027 703 4826

Dee Singh

Financial Adviser

View Dee's profile here

 027 241 4527

Roseann McConnel

Financial Adviser

View Roseann's profile here.

  021 554 147

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