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6 Hazeldean Road
Christchurch, 8024

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Bhumi Thakkar

Financial Adviser

Bhumi's experience in all aspects of business, from marketing and sales, to customer services and project management, enables her to tailor protection plans for business clients.

  022 034 8164

Parth Gadhavi

Financial Advisor

Parth’s own life experiences have taught him the value of good advice at the right time. As an Advice4Life financial advisor, Parth is committed to ensuring his clients receive the advice they need.

  022 344 2679

Grace Downs

Financial Adviser

Grace works closely with her clients to help them understand product and policies. Knowing the benefit of having insurance in times of need, Grace ensures her clients are well protected, 

  027 652 4334

Rah Azimi

Financial Advisor

Rah is passionate about educating his clients on the unexpected risks that can impact their family’s financial security and providing them with all-important peace of mind in their daily lives.

  022 344 2679

Martin Keane

Financial Adviser

An established financial services professional, Martin's experience in business development, sales, and financial advice, enables him to provide protection plans for commercial clients. 

  022 108 3931

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